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Are you safe online? Are the online tasks or the online payments you are doing secure? Think twice! To make yourself and your devices secure from online threats, we’ve come up with this tutorial. Here, you will get to know 5 effective ways to be secured from on-going online threats. Read on!

Create Strong Passwords

Protect your devices with a strong password. Don’t let bad guys take access to your personal information. To cut off hackers, protect your devices with a strong password, be it your router, modem, PC, laptop, smartphone, or extender.

Tip: Don’t put yourself in danger by creating an easy password. Create a strong password, without worrying that whether you can remember it. Note down the password. But create an extra strong and unique password.

Take Extra Measures to Keep Kids Safe

Of course, you know the ins and outs of online safety. But does your children? Have conversations with them about what they do online. Guide them not to share any personally identifiable information on unknown websites.

Worrying how to secure your kids? Worry no more! Protect your kids from online threats by activating the “Parental Control” feature. This feature is offered by “Netgear”. What you have to do isto:

· Download Netgear Genie app on your smart device.

· Navigate to the Netgear Genie setup page.

· Search for the Parental Control option.

· Sign in to your Netgear account. If you don’t have an account, create it by providing a valid email and password.


· Accept the terms and conditions.

· Activate “Parental Control” feature and protect your children from online traps.

Protect Your Sensitive Personal Information

If you do online banking, stock trading, or transactions, you should take extra care to protect your personal information. Don’t access your personal or professional accounts using public WiFi. Access your personal information by using your personal WiFi and never by following an unknown email or link.

Defend your WiFi Devices

Think about the sensitive information stored on your mobile phone, PC or laptop. Some store private contacts, some keep online banking data on their phones, some use their phones as mobile wallets, and some store their personal pictures on phones.

Only you can defend your devices:

· Create a UPI PIN for online transactions. But never share the PIN with anyone. You can also use pattern lock, finger print, face recognition, or password to use your online banking apps.

· Install an antivirus on your devices.

· Do not share your WiFi password with those who are not trustworthy or who are just free loaders. If you want to share your WiFi password with your friends or relatives, then we suggest creating a separate network for them. Creating a separate network can be done easily by enabling “Guest Access” network feature. This type of feature is also offered by “Netgear”. Just access mywifiext.netand the page will guide you through the rest about “guest access”. To avail the feature, you must have a Netgear WiFi extender that is properly configured.

Take Careof Your WiFi

Hope you have protected your WiFi devices? Now, it’s time to do something else. Your WiFi range and speed! While accessing any website, doing online payment, or streaming online video or movie, you wish for an uninterrupted internet, right? And when you experience discontinuity in the internet speed, you roam around here and there in search of a stable WiFi, isn’t it?

What if we help you in getting an uninterrupted internet range in every corner of your house? Sounds great? So, switch to Netgear AC750 extender. This tiny device, after Netgear AC750 setuphelps you in enjoying the blazing-fast internet connectivity in every corner of your house and also lets you enjoy the features like “guest access”, “parental control”, and more.

Wishing you a happy, safe rinternet experience!